Kahu NZ offer an aerial assisted service for a variety of tasks and operations. We can assist with most aerial tasks and if we can't we can offer helpful advice to source a helicopter solution for your enquiry.

We have experience in the following; filming, firefighting, photography, power line inspection, seismic, heli-logging, precision lifting, SAR, DOC and Beehive transport to name a few. 


There are many jobs which require products, materials and other equipment to be transported into hard to get to areas or lifted into or onto their target, and by air only is generally the best option. Helicopters are perfect for this requirement. By utilising helicopters we can lift loads vertically on an external long line, transport it through the air to the desired destination and place accurately.

This technique offers speed of transport, efficient use of time, nil impact to the ground below, accuracy of positioning, life saving and property protection just to name a few benefits. A pilot with good vertical reference long line skills is a real asset to the task at hand. Complemented with the right helicopter, lifting equipment and crew, the customer / client can expect satisfying results. 

Kahu NZ offers the customer / client a competent aerial lifting service. We have line lengths up to 80 meters. A 50 meter remote long line hook. 30 meter 5 multi-hook carousel, fire buckets, cargo nets. We are currently capable of lifting up to 650 KG and can organise lifting up to 1.8 ton with some prior notification. 

Hunting & Fishing

Helicopters offer quick and efficient transport to remote areas or areas difficult to access by foot and or vehicles. Kahu NZ offers aerial transport into the Te Urewera National Park, Waioeka and Raukumaras for hunting, fishing and tramping. These areas offer the natural wilderness experience special to New Zealand. There are many areas to land and camp or you can stay in one of the many small huts located throughout the National Parks. 

Department of Conservation Permits maybe needed for hunting & fishing trips, please ensure you have the correct permit before your flight. If pig hunting, you must ensure your dogs are Kiwi Aversion trained.

Bee Hive Transport

Helicopter transportation of Beehives allows Beekeeper's to extend their reach into areas that were normally not accessible by truck or motorbike. The premium areas are predominantly Manuka habitat where Manuka Honey is harvested and particularly where there is an active UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) from these plants. FH has refined this transport service to be efficient, time saving and accessible. To date, we have transported nearly 18000 beehives.


Helicopters are useful charter aircraft when accessing remote areas, achieving sights and tasks difficult to achieve by other means. Kahu NZ can be chartered throughout New Zealand for most aerial requirements. Some of our aircraft are fitted with emergency pop up floats which can be chartered offshore to more distant islands or destinations for research, filming work and other tasks.

Kahu NZ has a good understanding of the weather systems here in New Zealand so can advise on chartered routes and flight times to maximise your plans and or work during our diverse seasons.


Aerial survey is a useful means of collecting data, photos, footage and other information which can not be achieved easily from the ground. From animal surveys, power-line inspections, tree counts, environmental damage and various others, Kahu NZ has aircraft, pilots and equipment to achieve these aerial tasks. The speed and efficiency of collecting data from the air is often unmatched by other means. Frontier have experience in using LiDAR cameras and equipment.

Frost Control

By careful use of the helicopter and its given ability to draw air down through its blades and force it below, we can incorporate this process to pull warmer air from the inversion layer above and push it onto the surface below across targeted vegetables and vines. This air movement warms the atmosphere around the plants and prevent frost from establishing on the buds, leaves and or fruit. Please call to discuss your frosting requirements.

Fire Fighting

Kahu NZ has experience fighting fires and is equipped to assist with first call incidents. Our office phone is maintained 24/7 so we can action assistance where required as soon as we are called. We have collapsable fire buckets and other equipment to facilitate fire attack or fire bombing. 

Kahu NZ periodically works with other companies in Australia in support of their firefighting operations therefore maintains a reasonable level of currency. FH also provides fire bucket training to pilots and crew who are looking to train and practice this skill. We utilise the R44 and our collapsible buckets to teach the basics of operations with the bucket. We cover bucket preparation, flying with the bucket attached to the helicopter, dipping the bucket to fill with water in both stationary and moving water sources, hose fills of buckets, flying with full buckets, dispensing water through fire passes and stationary drops. 

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Kahu NZ can provide aircraft and equipment to assist with Search and Rescue operations. In particular Kahu NZ has good local knowledge of the upper North Island mountainous areas. We can also provide training for Land SAR teams looking to practise their integration of helicopter transport and support to operations.