Vertical Reference / Long Line / Fire Bucket


Helicopters and external loads using long lines, or slings, go together like peas in a pod. The combination is used effectively and efficiently all around the world. FH teaches real time vertical reference skills which you will utilise during your private and commercial work with confidence.

In New Zealand, helicopter long line training is a part of the NZ CAA CPL license requirements. FH trains well above the required standard to ensure a competent working knowledge of vertical reference using long lines..

FH instructors are able to demonstrate real-work practice on lines varying in length from 5’ to 250’ within various terrain and environments.

During your training you will incorporate lifting tasks to simulate different jobs which you may find yourself undertaking post license. FH utilises water buckets for fire-fighting support, electric grapples for accurate retrieval of small logs during the latter part of your training.

Vertical reference flight of any length line, requires patience and fine handling of the helicopter. It is not hard but needs a good foundation and accurate guidance to master the basics. This is then followed by time in the seat, practicing, practicing and practicing!

FH offers a Professional Long Line Course (PLLC) for pilots who haven't any experience with vertical reference long line and want to achieve this skill. The course is 20 hours of vertical reference flight, learning and practicing the skills you require to confidently fly the long line accurately. The course is conducted in the Cabri G2 and can be flown in any other aircraft that you may desire. The rate for the Cabri G2 undertaking the PLLC is NZD $600.00 per hour inc GST, accommodation and the use of the hangar car. 

For further information contact CFI and owner, Mark Law, at