Mark and Anna Law lead a team of professional staff who manage and administer the entire operations of our commercial aerial work. Our pilots are friendly, safe and professional and most have worked their way up through the company from leaning to fly, to commercial pilots and managers. Our staff are local and have intimate knowledge of the area, the people and our activities offered.



Mark Law

Mark is the CEO and CFI here at Kahu NZ, he began his career by recovering feral deer from the NZ Wilderness for export in 1998. This was followed by extensive aerial work throughout the world, including the USA, Mexico, Australia and Africa. Mark now has 8000+ flight hours in experience, inclusive of 4000+ Instruction flying.

In Marks spare time he enjoys surfing, the outdoors and spending time with his family.


Anna Law

Anna is in charge of the marketing and behind the scenes admin here at Frontier. Anna's role is often not seen by the majority of clients but is an integral part to the success of the operations.  

Anna's past careers includes Nursing and a Long haul Flight Attendant.

Anna in her spare time enjoys Adventure Racing, being outdoors, crossfit, and shoe shopping... as well as finding time to organise their tribe of growing boys!

Ross McAulay

Ross has joined us after completing his commercial training here at Kahu NZ in early 2014. He's proven to be a gem of a lad and we've loaded him up with responsibilities. He may look young but he's a machine!

Ross has 700+ flight hours in experience. He is one of the main tour pilots commencing Frontiers "White Island Volcano Adventure".

In Ross' spare time he enjoys the outdoors, more flying and equal to that, sleeping or eating vast amounts of cake/other staff members lunch. 

Luke Lamont 

Luke has joined the team in 2016. He has an extensive insight into the aviation world, from agriculture to fish spotting. Luke is from the Whakatane/Opotiki area and completed his training here. 

Other than a cold drink (off duty hours!) and an array of "humorous interesting" stories his happy can-do attitude will be sure to add something special to your flying experience. Luke has been flying locally here for years as well as in the pacific ocean spotting tuna, he has 700+ flight hours in experience.