Kahu NZ commenced operations in 1998, shooting and recovering feral deer from the wilderness of New Zealand. Recovery operations spanned the length of New Zealand. We are experienced in the management of wild animals by helicopter using specialist skills and equipment to help undertake your requirement.

We have experience capturing wild animals throughout USA, Canada, Mexico and Kenya. Working alongside veterinarians, biologists, game managers and wildlife agencies we help them achieve re-locations, collaring, sampling, data collection and other study tasks.

Wild Animal Capture

Kahu NZ has a lot of experience conducting wild animal capture operations in NZ and around the world. The techniques used for capturing wild animals vary from net gunning, darting and mustering. Net gunning is target specific without using drugs to immobilise the animal. Darting is target specific and immobilises the animal quickly. Mustering is generally mass capture into capture pens, paddocks or drive nets.

Kahu NZ regularly work with conservation groups, biologist teams and other individuals throughout the world. Our equipment is very modern, tried and tested. We use a modern net gun with the latest nets and capture equipment to complement our flying skills.

We can capture many different species of animals throughout very diverse terrain and environments. We have operated throughout New Zealand, Kenya, USA, Mexico and Canada. We have operated through temperatures - 32 degrees C to + 35 degrees C, from sea level to 14000 feet AMSL. 

Wild animal capture requires a lot of skill and experience by dedicated pilots and shooters (muggers). This skill is not learned overnight and doesn't come to those with simply lots of flying hours, it is derived from a lot of previous wild animal management experience, therefore the pilot and crew with this experience are vital for the successful outcomes desired.

Wild animals can stress quickly and can be overcome physically and mentally by the act of pursuit and capture so to minimise this risk the capture crew requires a very detailed understanding of how to manage animals on the ground from the helicopter, then capture efficiently, immobilise, transport and process with speed and safety minimising injury, stress and death to the animal.

Pest Eradication

Aerial pest eradication is an extremely efficient means of pest control with accurate selection and speed over virtually any terrain to achieve the desired outcomes.

Kahu NZ has the skills to manage a range of animals from rabbits, goats, geese, pigs and deer. Our shooters are accurate and safe and have years of professional shooting to ensure clean and humane kills of selected target species.

We also work with telemetry to track collared animals and assist with managing both survey and eradication programs of wild animals. The aerial tracking in conjunction with specialist dog teams provides very detailed coverage and management of targeted areas and animals.

Telemetry / Tracking

Telemetry monitoring of birds and animals by helicopter is a time friendly and accurate service. The added advantage being you can arrive directly over head your target and remain overhead whilst compiling and uploading information gleaned from the collar signal located below.

Kahu NZ has a lot of tracking experience using telemetry to successfully monitor kiwi’s, ducks, goats and other wild animals within NZ and other parts of the world where required. 


Mustering by helicopter has many benefits and coupled with a skilled pilot with good stock sense, the combination is both quick and very cost effective. If there are general mustering tasks or escapee mobs or herds then please call and we will inform you of the best option for your task.

Role Equipment

Kahu NZ has an array of role equipment for the different Wild Animal Management requirements. We operate a very modern net gun which is very user friendly and has seen thousands of captures across all environments. We have a small inventory of parts for the gun and cannisters. The nets are from US supplier Coda Enterprises and are specific for net gunning.

For Aerial shooting we use either the Benelli M1 Super 90 shot gun or Colt AR 15 (223 and Suppressed). 

We also have our own telemetry aerial for the helicopter with both Yagi and 360 aerials combined to provide the full range of capability. Tracking can take place whilst remaining comfortable inside the cabin with doors on or off. 

We have handling bags, blindfolds and hobbles to help with the safe handling of captured animals.